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Original Content from Red Hoax, created by us. This is also the part of the site where our projects will take place. If we are working on something we will post it here. Then we will let you know when it is done. Please feel free to submit any ideas you might have. If you would like to use this content, please send an email here, and we'll let you use it. Just please don't modify anything. Thanks. Our current project is the Osama Says series. Have any ideas? Email us....

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Big ass Flash intro for the site, mad kewl. (That's not really us in the intro)
Official Red Hoax Snake Game! (Actual playable game)
Alternate Red Hoax logo 3
Alternate Red Hoax logo 2
Next on MTV Cribs: Osama Bin Laden
Pink dude again
I have no idea, some pink dude
Bin Laden + crosshair = Shoot the bitch
Damn crappy game translations!
Alternate Red Hoax logo 1
Color Red Hoax symbol
Black and white Red Hoax symbol
What's wrong with this pic?
For all of you who wonder where the Any key is...
New flavors from Snapple
Linux SUXS
Osama says #1
Osama says #2

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