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Damn, we haven't updated in a loooong time, we've all but forgotten about this little site. Big A and Madablab won't update, and I'm not interested in this site's direction. I don't know what else to say, we might start over and make a whole new Red Hoax, but that doesn't seem likely. Please email us with suggestions about a new direction. See ya later, this maybe the last time we update. Munkfu signing off.


Hey Munkfu back after a long time. Well yesterday I saw possibly the most random thing I've ever seen. I was outside and I see some random kid sitting on the curb with an antique typewriter, my friend and I were like, what the hell? A crowd of people started gathering around this random kid, so I went over and asked him why do you have a typewriter? And he said, "I found it on the street". So I basically inferred that he a few rice krispy's short of a good breakfast. Anyways, hopefully we'll try to update more. Just 34 more days until Star Wars: Episode II, oh yeah, you know you like it. We finally get to see Yoda kick some ass. Ok, we here at Red Hoax are thinking about making an internet radio station for all the h0aX0rz to hear. More details later. Don't be a menace to Kabul while drinking your Fanta in the casbah. See ya later.


Hey everybody. Im back for a second day in a row. holy shit for the 3 or 4 random people who still go to this site two days in a row!!! Any way I just was reading someYahoo News and man I found a fucked up article.Some Freaky Artist want to display some dead skinned bodies in england. Leave it to the english, this is fucked up. Imagine your taking a casual stroll through the park and all of a sudden you see a bunch of DEAD PEOPLE skined and DEAD. Holy shit I would crap my pants. I would barf then run like a 12 year old school girl. Sorry about the shitty update. Ill see ya later Im going home.


Wuts up everyone, Im bored as hell so I thought I would update. This site is still alive despite the fact we get like 2 hits a day. Anyway Madalab or however you spell his damn name updated. Good, See if we update every day then maybe we could get some damn hits. Anyway I just stumbled upon this beauty of a story. Apparently some women bit her husbands nuts off. lol sucks for him. Apparently after reading the article their is something of a history of this sort of thing happening in uganda. Wow I want to live their!!! Thats some messed up shit right their...... I only know two people who would want to live their. One is Munkfu and the other.....well we wont say his name around here. But he knows who he is.Even the vice president of that country is gets beat by here husband see what happens guys when you beat your wife you get your nuts bittin off. No more news stories but heres a great reminder of the simpsons. Uruguay . lol if you can tell me the quote that goes along with that country you get a special prize. Maybe the odd prize offer will attract some hits. Damn Im tired. Im bored as hell to I think I mentioned that before. Dying.........out.....of........comedy......(not that I had any to begin with. Does that satisfy your needs? I hope so cause im leaving..........


Hey evryone it's Madablab here to set the record striaght. We promised you daily updates.....we lied... they are just not humanly possible. We promised you a new lay out and Red Hoax looks pretty sexy, it's droped a couple pounds of bad graphics and it looks good thanks to Munkfu. What we can promise you now is that we will update at least 4 times a month or more. We will make an effort to give some new content every week. In other news the yankees have kicked Ruben Riveria off there ball club after he stole Derek Jeter's bat and glove from his locker. He sold the equipment for 2,500... why the hell would he do this when he is going to be making 1 million a year is beyond me. In other news those crazy Catholics (I'm a Catholic) want the Pope to declare Turtle a meat so it cannot be eaten on friday's during lent. Who the hell cares and has a turlte dinner. In closing we here at red hoax sympathize and mourn the life's of those lost on 9/11....God Bless America.


Helloz, it be Munkfu back from a long break. Big A and me were on a top secret assignment in the Siberian Tundra. Actually we've just been playing Civilization 3 non-stop. This game is like the crack of the computer, it's freakin addictive as hell. Ok, Big A should be over later if his lazy ass get's off the game. I don't have a pic or link 2day, maybe later, so I just dropped by to say hi. Madablab has pretty much fallen off the map, he better update soon! AAHAHA! I'll be updating alot more from now often. Back in the day, in the early days of Red Hoax, we used to update with tons of content daily, I'll try to start that up again. O wait I do have a link for you, the Micro$oft Boycott Organization! Free your mind and your OS will follow! Ok that's enough of my mindless ranting, Peace.


Hey everybody, Munkfu here wit a quick update, I'm sick as hell and bored so I decided to do a massive update in the Anti-Windows section so go check it! Second, here's the pic of the day! More later. Ok well I gotta go now peace.


Hi all BigA here. Im bored as shit but today is super bowl sunday so its time for people to party like its 1964. Break out the 20 foot wedges cause its time to watch theRams Assrape the Patriots Its time for BigA's picks for sunday the last day of the football season. Rams over the spread(14.5)to beat the pats.Ahh sad day it is though, the last day of the football season time for every shirtless fat-guys everywhere to go hibernate for 6-months but not to fear baseball season is here and sophisticated little geeks will come out of the woodwork to go to baseball games. Ahh Baseball.........Any way Im here to share with you the most humiliating way to die everjellyfish sting
He is believed to be the first person to die from a sting from an Irukandji, a peanut-sized jellyfish whose venom heightens the heart rate and blood pressure. There is no known anti-venom.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry but that sucks man.Come On. Ughh.....And finally today we have a storystraight from canadaSome idiot wants to donate lions to the kabul zoo because theres died. Ya wanna know what it probaly died of....the bombs were dropping on the damn country now these people just lost a government full of uptight towelheads who dont let them do anything and this guy wants to give them lions. Donate those damn lions to someone who diserves it like me. I want some lions Id use them to hunt stupid people like this down.Finnaly today I have something to talk about. Ever go to theHotorNot Pages There is some good old fashioned american fun.0,0,0,0,0,10 thats what I do there its the funnest shit ever I recommend you do it it provides lots of fun....Anyway Im leaveing cause im bored so goodbye.


Hey everyone it's madablab! I got some great news for every one fist off I've got my permit so in 4 sort months I'll be rocking my ride (if it starts up), I've also created a screen name where you can reach me personaly it is madablab and it is with aol instant messenger.... feel free to im me. I apolize for not being around much ...... but i've had midterms as has everyone else here. As you can see we are showing are dedication by giving u three straight updates in a row! In other more important news fox threatens not to bring back the show family guy for another season. That is the 2nd funneist show ever (only second to the simpsons). Please go online and contact fox and tell them not to cancel fanily guy!! Peace Out......... P.S. Today is my cousins Birthday HOLLA!


Hey yeall, Munkfu back bringin you some hoaxian flavor. I'm here to present the first ever Red Hoax animated crappy comic:

Yoda: Sup fligga?
Count Dooku: Chillin like a villan (Dooku is the new sith in Episode II)
Yoda: Why yo biznatch eatin thoes damn Pikmin?
Kathy: Shut up u little green nerd, and buy my damn CDs
Yoda: No u suck
Dooku: Yo I wanna give shout out to Darth Sidious, Bill Gates, and uh Potsy from Happy Days.
Kathy: Ha Potsy
Yoda and Dooku: Dazam shut ur mouf!

Ha funny shiznickles (Not really). Anyway I'm gonna start the Pic of the day back up, and Here it is! Ok I also got a site for yall, find all the mother jokes u've ever wanted to know. Well hopefully Big A or Madablab will swing by here later. Peace.


Hey biznatches, Munkfu here, I've found a kewl little random story generator that you can check out Here in the rants section. Well, I also added a random mother insult at the bottom left of ur screen. Peace out


Big A here, Im back you mutherfuckers. Its taken like 4 weeks and an shitload of hours. Im tired as shit and Ive been out of school for the last three days cause of the damn flu. So time to cath up. For christmas I got an X-box that shit is hot so if you dont already have 1 I suggest you go out and buy one. Its fucking amazing get halo or I will kick you in the balls. (Munkfu: Get a Gamecube!) Anyway here is an update on todays top news stories. Iron mike is still spewing his flaming homo boxer ways around the world. He went on trial yesterday to try and regain his nevada boxing lisence. Here are some choice phrases from the trial.
I'm not Mother Theresa, I'm not Charles Manson either. Just treat me equal."
"I mean, I'm crazy, but I ain't real crazy. I'm crazy like I like having sex in crazy places, but I don't wanna rape or kill nobody."
"I think Lennox is a coward, I'm going to fight him any time I see him in the streets."

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Ohh my good are you fucking kidding me. Imagine being on the fucking commitee and this guy walks in wanting to get his liscence back. Hahahhahahahahahah. Anway needless to say he didnt get it back but not to worry there is a state whos boxing commitee loves large men who threaten to make reporters real men by fucking them till they like it.(and I quote) "Ill fuck you till you love me." Then he went and called a reporter Whiteboy and a homo. Ahh I love you Iron mike.
Anyway I had to stop by and share that gem with you peace....


Hey yall it's Munkfu with a weekend update for yall. I've been playing around with the site design so it might look a little wierd for a little bit. Anywaz, It's snowing like crazy outside, too bad we prolly won't get school off. We got mid-terms, the bane of school. O I translated "Munkfu" into binary, here it is, "1101.10101.1110.1011.110.10101" pretty kewl eh. Check out the rants section for the feature on how to translate ur name into binary. Okz, well I've been asking Big A to update for a while but he's too lazy to do it. Doofuser. Ok here's ur pic of the day, one japanese hampster comin right up. Peace out.


Hey everyone it's Madablab. I apololigize for the lack of updates which you can expect becuase we are not getting any hits. So if you frequent Redhoax give us an email we would welcome any emotion you have for us becuase we have mid-terms around the corner. This Madablab signing off peace!


h0ax3rz, whut up. It be a new year. Munkfu here broadcasting directly from the Red Hoax Linux Command Center! The year: twenty o two. Anywayz, I updated some stuff. Big A should be around here soon to deliver some shiznit.I gots two linxs for yall, Click here to read some funny shit to see if your son is a h4x0r. This is seriously the funniest thing I have read in a while. The second linx also has a h4x0r theme, it's a l33t translator, pretty fun, Click here to get ur h4XX0ring on. Ok, well regular updates will resume, so happy new year, and peace out.


Hey it's Munkfu, we here at Red Hoax apoligize for the lack of updates recently, with the destruction of the site and Xmas within hand, we are just plain slackers. But after the new year, Red Hoax is gonna be updated daily with some fresh content and crap. So this is the last update of the year 2001. See ya in 2002 when Red Hoax returns. 2002: A Hoaxed Oddessy. Peace.


He yall it's Madablab. Hope you enjoy the new redhoax.... give us a few days to get this site back to normal. I would rant today but my rant section has'nt been set up. Your propblay wondering what are these lazy fuck heads doing. and what is up with munkfu's logo. to answer you first question we are getting things back in working order and were making it better then ever. For your second question what is up with munkfu's logo.... well that I don't know it is pretty fucked up. When the rant section for me is up you'll get your dam rant!

Hey yall Munkfu wit a little update for yall. The PIC OF THE DAY! It the Red Robot out dominating the world on his huffy! The first one of V.2.0! Anywayz Big A will be doing the pics regularly and I usually do the Joke of the day. I'm out.

Hi all its Big A here again to chill with my homies on the north side or is it the east side ahh whatever......I got a great news story I just found on yahoo.A Dog bit off a guys ear who was messing with it. Thats great go dog. Man you get what you deserve wanna mess with me how about I bite your ear off and dissolve it with my stomach acid so you cant sew it back on Biatch.....Lol thats great..And for all youDrunks out there I know you celebrated national hangover day yesterday. It was a good national hangover day allaround. And finaly the last story for you all is for all the Religous Fanatics out there. Anyway Christmas is comeing here and then we will all be happy unless your one of those people who is depressed about it. Ughh.......Im tired as shit still sick still feeling like crap. Ughh. I dont have any pics for yall today but just go do some drugs and youll get over it. I gotta go Ill see ya tommorow and have fun with the new redhoax. V 2.0


Hey yall it be Munkfu, the webmaster here at Red Hoax, after a fatal accident, the site has been demolished. All prior content was lost. This little site started on 10/10/01, and and died on 12/6/01. But now has been resurrected. Anywayz me and Big A and some other peeps will update everyday with pics, jokes, rants, and whatever the the hell we feel like puttin up. But fear not, Red Hoax will return in full force. Red Hoax version 2.0 will be betta den before. Peace.

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