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Welcome to the Anti-Windows Section

I made this section because I'm tired of MiCr0$0ft trying to take over the world and giving Linux a bad name. Plus everybody knows that America's new favorite pasttime is Windows Bashing!
Microsoft Boycott Campaign, join the cause!
The Bill Witch Project
More fascist propaganda
An image of things to come?
More damn fascist propaganda(Although there might be some truth in this)
Blue Screen of Death
Try out Windows RG here!
Funny ass comic about Tux, the Linux penguin, saving the world from "MegaSoft"
Microsoft Linux? Can it be?
Click here for a wide array of MicroSux jokes.
The Bible according to Bill Gates
Bill Gatus-Borg
Bill's keyboard
Bill's handbook
Made by idiots, for idiots
True splash screen
Would you have invested?
Hit any key to continue.
Bastards! They did it!
Truely the only keys you need in Windows
If they ever made phones...
Ever get this message?
Even machines know it sucks
They're everywhere!
This guy has the right idea
New Windows version Cement!
Finally I found it!
Lots more coming soon! Go Linux!